Periodontology is the management of patients with disorders of the gums and the supporting structures including teeth. These conditions may concern also the gums, bone , or periodontium.
Only early diagnosis of the problem can promise a successful treatment outcome.
The first symptoms usually refer to the gums. When your gums are swollen or are bleeding brushing your teeth, it means that something is wrong. Sometimes it is enough to improve your oral hygiene, remove the stone, make a correction of your fillings and the problem disappears. Often, however, the causes are more complex and require more research.
Another common symptom of the periodontal disease is a loosening of the teeth. In this case, the disease is generally more severe and difficult to treat.
Very common signs of periodontal diseases observed in our patients are: halitosis, hypersensitive teeth, or exposure of dental necks.
We should remember that prevention is better than treatment, and not postpone a check-up dental appointment, because in periodontal diseases time plays a crucial role.