Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a specialty that deals with surgical treatment of oral cavity and adjacent areas. In Rodentica we perform the following surgical procedures:

  • Tooth extraction, including the extraction of impacted teeth.
  • Resection of root tips – it is required in case inflammatory lesions arisen because of pulp dentis diseases or after a failed root canal treatment. The infected root tip and lesions are removed which enables normal bone restoration.
  • Tooth hemisection – is carried out on multi-rooted teeth (usually molars) when one of roots is infected
  • Plastic surgeries of bones and soft tissues that are often needed after the prosthetic solutions.
  • Labial frenulectomy /frenulotomy – Frenulectomy is a simple incision of a frenulum that is too tight, whereas frenulotomy consists in surgical correction of a too thick or abnormally located frenulum.

All the above-mentioned dental treatments are painless, as they are carried out under topical or computer anesthetic.